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Chat with IssisMedium - Angel Readings and Crystal Reading in Düren online. 5-10 years of practice in Crystal Reading. What Makes My Reading Sessions Unique? Sessions with me are fast, detailed, and done with natural gifts. I jump straight-in with confidence, and there is no wait for laying out cards, pulling-up charts, meditating etc.. The insight that I provide flows, and does not contain vague, cryptic, confusing responses, or reciting generic card meanings---but rather, straight-up insight and real answers. I also type very fast. Clients receive a great deal of information even in short sessions with me. I promise that I am very aware of time and expenses, and do my best to optimize both. (✿◠‿◠) I come from a long line of gypsy Tarot Card readers. My Grandmother was my mentor and from her i have this gift. I began reading cards at the age of 14, under the Tutelage of my grandmather . When she passed away in 2006 i lost a part of me and stoped reading tarot cards, until one night when i had a dream with her , telling me to go to her old home and look into a box that she had under the bed. I did how she guided me , and in the box, under a pile of old letters i finde the her tarot deck that she had from her mather. I have it with e ever since and my grandather is the one who is guiding and protect me. I want to share my gift with you, with all the people that need me !!! I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides. I help find solutions to emotional concerns and vision future romantic relations, I help you make decisions on whether to break knots or reunite. Genius readings in the area of love, relationship, romance and career.Very intuitive support for all matters of the heart and spirit. I can reveal your future. in both love and professional front. Know your true soul mate, why your partner has changed suddenly, when your financial status will improve, will you get a good job or is your current job the best for you, education , admissions….I am very successful in reading it in your horoscopelove to help and serve my clients.Whatever you are going through I can help you.I am having ability to understand situation and can easily guide you to clear vision at various situations in life.You ll be amazed what wonders my psychic readings can do; I have 8 years of experience in using my knowledge of astrology and numerology and helping people.I use the Indian system of vedic astrology which is displaying your planetary position at the time of birth.I therefore require your date as well as your time of birth.But in case you don t know your time of birth it is no problem.I’m born with psychic powers which I’ve enhanced through meditation and practice. Decoding relationships is my specialty. As a very strong empath/ borderline telepath I am able to look into people and discover who they are, and how they feel and see—and why. My particular gifts enable me to assist in a greater understanding of others, and provide clarification and solutions to aid in healing and forming stronger relationships. n addition to relationship issues, I can also assist with most other matters/ topics. My gifts include being empathic, clairvoyant and intuitive—I do not need the aid of tarot or any other props. I have been providing readings professionally since 1996, and take my work seriously. I am fast, detailed, non-judgmental, and genuinely care for my clients and want the best for them. I also do not endorse any "mumbo-jumbo", spells, etc…basically nothing that violates free-will. I promise that a session with me will involve straight-up insight and guidance, without any offers of additional services. We all have free wills, and our choices are what construct our lives. My role as a reader is to provide information and guidance to assist, and empower you in discovering the best choices and outcomes.  Will you only tell me what I want to hear?* I tell people honestly what I see in the situation. The problem with telling people what they want to hear, is that maybe for a short time it will make them feel happy, but in the long run it can leave a person going in the wrong direction or holding on to something that does not exist--which can cause that person a lot of grief, and cost them time and energy that could have been spent finding something that truly would make them happy.  *Can you read on future things? Will you tell me when they will happen?* I can do readings on future circumstances, as well as present and past. I also can provide time-lines for when things should happen. I estimate length of time much like judging the length of a piece of ribbon. I go from the present point and feel outwards along the "thread" to when the event will occur. Clients report all the time about my time lines having been accurate. * Do you need a lot of personal info to do readings?* No. I generally start with asking only for first names and main questions. Think of your life as being a really huge book, and there is only a limited time to read it. It helps to have a "chapter" to focus on rather then the whole thing at once. *What is Free Will* Free will means that our lives are based off of the choices we make...and yes, impacted by the choices and actions of others as well. Nothing is ever truly set into stone or only has a single outcome. This means that much of what we make of our lives and how we view things is in our own control. John Issis is amazing. So loving, so caring, so sweet. Give her a try. You will be so glad you did. Great reader. paula she is excellent. very quick and straight to the point. picked up on a lot of things without any information. thank you Mshelli Forgot to ask a question in my reading yesterday, and again she amazed me. She is now my go to girl, I cant rate her highly enough. Mshelli Wow, I have never experienced a reading like that before. This lady described the guy i asked about like she had known him his whole life. Described what was going on with us at the moment, why he was acting like he was and told me what she saw for the future. I can't recommend this lovely amazing person enough. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed x lisa wow this girl is zoo good, infact amazing deco have a reading with Issis she was 1 of the best i have had zoo detailed xxxx kroyala Brilliant reader, very powerful energy, does energy clearing. Amazing!

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